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NanEye is a miniature sized image sensor for medical application

NanEye Viewer and Evaluation Kits

NanEye Viewer Installer Guide and Features

Quick Start Guide For NanoUSB2 and Fiber Optic Box 2.0

NanEyeC NanoVision

NanEyeC NanoVision Board

Quick Start Guide and Features

Evaluation Software

This software is intended to evaluate NanEye using one of our evaluation boards

NanEye Viewer

This amazing tool allows you to:

- Get images from NanEye 2D with cable, using any of our evaluation boards;
- The user can choose between one camera view, stereo view and a quad view;
- It is possible to adjust the registers of the sensors to have a better image quality;
- Can also control the LED of the camera.

- Contains the AWVideo Visualizer Software:

- Is a small software tool made to work with .RAW video format recorded with Viewer Software. This tool allows you to:

- Export all frames;
- Export one single frame;
- Convert to .AVI format;
- Adjust the Frame Rate.

NanEye API

To develop software applications for NanEye

Fiber Optic Box 2.0

.NET C++ and C# API


.NET C++ and C# API

C++ and Matlab API